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We do not offer refunds.

I was paying this site to forward emails for  It was kind of more than I wanted, and they kept raising their price.  Logged in to cancel it and it wanted to know why.  Just above that was a box that said something like "we do not offer prorated refunds." I typed: "I'm cancelling because you do not offer prorated refunds." About an hour later, I received an email: " My apologies for the inconvenience about this matter. We do offer prorated refunds in cases you will cancel the services anytime." Oh internets... how I love thee.

It's a conspiracy!

Ok, it's probably not a conspiracy.  I've been slowly making changes to things so that I can do an experiment, and *just* as the switch to Google domains is going through, a SATA controller on pez breaks.  Or four of my hard drives simultaneously exploded.  And then unexploded for a few minutes. You know what it is?  Hardware hates me.  Not your hardware, not hardware in general.  Just my hardware.  I've ordered a new controller.  It was $23, not a big deal, just a small delay.